Mars, Alastair

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(1915-1985) Canadian-born soldier and author, in the UK from infancy, in the Navy from 1932; he became well known for the 1952 court martial that ended his military career (in the midst of a dispute regarding his penury at naval rates of pay, he had refused to report for duty); his last rank was lieutenant commander. After 1952, he published several novels that drew on his intimate knowledge of submarines at war Under the Sea (he had been commander of H M S Thule 1943-1945), including two sf tales. Arctic Submarine (1955) and Atomic Submarine: A Story of Tomorrow (1957; vt Fire in Anger 1958) are both Near Future narratives: the first describes a fully-submerged attempted transit of the North East Passage in an atomic submarine; the second faces the commander of the first atomic submarine with a crisis that threatens the fragile Cold War peace. [JC]

Lieutenant Commander Alastair Campbell Gillespie Mars

born St Johns, Newfoundland: 1 January 1915

died Ipswich, Suffolk: 12 March 1985



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