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(1924-2012) Canadian author some of whose earlier work, mostly written for Young Adult readers, is sf, including Quatre Montréalais en l'an 3000 (1963; rev vt Surréal 3000 1966; 1963 version trans Norah Smaridge as The City Under Ground 1964), in which Montreal has been transformed into a Keep deep under Mount Royal (see Underground), a Pocket Universe whose young protagonists must violate tradition and law to escape into the world above ground, which is no longer a Ruined Earth now that the effects of the Great Destruction (see Post-Holocaust) have been healed. The Robots in Nos amis robots (1982; trans Patricia Siller as Robot Alert 1985) prove not to be toys but Communication devices whose function relates to the saving of the planet. [JC]

Suzanne Chouinard Martel

born Québec City, Québec: 8 October 1924

died Ste-Adèle, Québec: 29 July 2012


  • Quatre Montréalais en l'an 3000 (Montreal, Québec: Editions du Jour, 1963) [binding unknown/]
    • The City Under Ground (New York: The Viking Press, 1964) [trans by Norah Smaridge of the above: hb/Don Sibley]
    • Surréal 3000 (Montreal, Québec: Éditions Jeunesse, 1966) [rev vt of the above: a 1982 translation of this title as «The City Underground» has been cited but does not exist: binding unknown/]
  • Nos amis robots (Saint-Lambert, Québec: Éditions Héritage, 1982) [binding unknown/]
    • Robot Alert (Toronto, Ontario: Kids Can Press, 1985) [trans by Patricia Siller of the above: hb/Laura Fernandez]


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