Martin, Nettie Parrish

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(1840-1915) US author of Indian Legends of Early Days (coll 1905), where she renders traditional Indian tales into English verse. A Pilgrim's Progress in Other Worlds: Recounting the Wonderful Adventures of Ulysum Storries and his Discovery of the Lost Star "Eden" (1908) is an sf novel whose protagonist, the inventor (see Invention) of a bird-like flying machine powered by electricity and capable of Space Flight, travels to various planets (including Mars and Jupiter), as well as the mysterious Star Eden; the inhabitants of these worlds are the spirits of the human dead re-embodied (see Religion), and here capable of creating Utopian civilizations marked by advanced science and Technology. [JC]

Marie Antoinette Parish Hough Martin

born Mandana, New York: 1840

died Auburn, New York: 28 October 1915



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