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(1959-    ) US soldier and author who has published military novels under his own name, often utilizing his experiences as a Green Beret, and whose works of sf interest have been published under two pseudonyms, Robert Doherty and Greg Donegan. As Doherty – after The Rock (1996), a Time Travel thriller set at Ayers Rock in the Australian outback – he published the Area 51 sequence of thrillers, beginning with Area 51 (1997), which play on Paranoia in general and the Area 51/UFOs mythos in particular, in a fashion that evokes the X-Files universe, though the sequence focuses specifically on an ancient Spaceship found in Antarctica. Also as Doherty he published the Psychic Warrior sequence of Military SF tales featuring a unit of soldiers with Psi Powers, beginning with Psychic Warrior (2000). As Donegan, he published the Atlantis series, beginning with Atlantis (1999), in which the Aliens who destroyed the original Atlantis now occupy the Bermuda Triangle, from which they threaten the world. He should not be confused with Robert Mayer. [JC]

Robert Mayer

born New York: 21 October 1959




Area 51

Area 51: Nightstalkers

  • Nightstalkers (Las Vegas, Nevada: 47North, 2012) [Area 51: Nightstalkers: pb/]
  • The Book of Truths (Las Vegas, Nevada: 47North, 2013) [Area 51: Nightstalkers: pb/]
  • The Rift (Las Vegas, Nevada: 47North, 2014) [Area 51: Nightstalkers: pb/]
  • Time Patrol (Las Vegas, Nevada: 47North, 2015) [Area 51: Nightstalkers: pb/]

Area 51: Time Patrol

  • Black Tuesday (Las Vegas, Nevada: 47North, 2015) [Area 51: Time Patrol: pb/]


  • Atlantis (New York: Berkley Books, 1999) as by Greg Donegan [Atlantis: pb/]
  • Atlantis: Bermuda Triangle (New York: Berkley Books, 2000) as by Greg Donegan [Atlantis: pb/]
  • Atlantis: Devil's Sea (New York: Berkley Books, 2001) as by Greg Donegan [Atlantis: pb/Craig White and Peter Lott]
  • Atlantis Gate (New York: Berkley Books, 2002) as by Greg Donegan [Atlantis: pb/]
  • Assault on Atlantis (New York: Jove Books, 2003) as by Greg Donegan [Atlantis: pb/Craig White]
  • Battle for Atlantis (New York: Berkley Books, 2004) as by Greg Donegan [Atlantis: pb/Craig White]

Psychic Warrior

individual titles

  • The Rock (New York: Dell Books, 1996) as by Robert Doherty [pb/]
  • Wild Ride (New York: St Martin's Press, 2011) with Jennifer Crusie [hb/]
  • I, Judas. The 5th Gospel (Chapel Hill, North Carolina: Cool Gus Publishing, 2011) with Jen Talty [pb/]


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