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(?   -    ) US author who began publishing work of genre interest with "The Best Liar Ever" for Bards and Sages Quarterly in July 2010. Germline (2011), which won the Compton Crook/Stephen Tall Memorial Award, is the first volume of The Subterrene War, a proposed Near Future Military SF sequence featuring an unending War fought – in a world of Climate Change, depleted resources, and Ecological degradation – over the diminishing world supply of natural resources. The war is waged by Genetically Engineered teenage girls (see Women in SF) so encased in body armour and other military augmentations (see Weapons) that they may be deemed Mecha operators. Much of the action takes place Underground, where there is relative safety from the ongoing destruction of the surface. Given the inherent plausibility of his enabling scenario, and the only moderately exaggerated destructiveness of the conflicts he portrays, McCarthy can be understood as a genuine sf writer of the new century. [JC]

T C McCarthy





The Subterrene War

  • Germline (New York: Orbit Books, 2011) [Subterrene War: pb/Giorgetta Bell McRee]
  • Exogene (New York: Orbit Books, 2012) [Subterrene War: pb/Steve Stone]
  • Chimera (New York: Orbit Books, 2012) [Subterrene War: pb/Steve Stone]


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