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Joint pseudonym of Canadian author Raymond Alfred Léger (1884-1934) and US writer Edward Richard McDonald (1873-?   ), whose sf novel, The Mad Scientist: A Tale of the Future (1908), features the increasingly dangerous – or effective – interventions of the eponymous Mad Scientist in the dealings of US businessmen and of the US Government itself. The scientist's inclinations are socialist but, surprisingly for 1908, the authors are ambiguous about whether or not he is a menace pure and simple; and the protagonists of the tale find themselves again and again having to cope with uncomfortable revelations – from fraud to conspiracies with German strikebreakers – brought into the open by the scientist's numerous Inventions, which include a kind of Antigravity device capable of levitating battleships at sea. [JC]

Raymond Alfred Léger

born Shediac, New Brunswick: 21 December 1884

died Shediac, New Brunswick: 25 February 1934

Edward Richard McDonald

born 1873




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