McGivern, William P

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(1918-1982) US author, mostly of noir crime, who began publishing work of genre interest with "The Visible Invisible Man" for Amazing Stories in December 1940, and remained very prolific, initially under two pseudonyms that later became House Names: P F Costello, this name being annexed by Ziff-Davis, and Gerald Vance, and wrote one story under the Ziff-Davis house name Clee Garson; he also wrote as by Bill Peters. He collaborated on several stories with David Wright O'Brien, mostly as by John York Cabot and Duncan Farnsworth; the two authors shared a writing studio. By his own estimate McGivern wrote 300 stories for Ziff-Davis, about half of which were sf/fantasy and half mystery/suspense. The Young Adult novel, The Seeing (1980) with Maureen McGivern (1921-2006), who was his wife, is a supernatural tale about a young girl with true visions. [JC/MA]

see also: Alexander Blade; Pulp.

William Peter McGivern

born Chicago, Illinois: 6 December 1918

died Palm Desert, California: 18 November 1982



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