McIntyre, Angus

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(?   -    ) UK author now in USA who began to publish work of genre interest with "Someone to Watch Over Me" in Black Candles: Surveillance for 2015. His first novel, The Warrior Within (2018), is a Planetary Romance set in an indefinite but perhaps rather distant future, on a long-inhabited world, where a colourful, complex but constrained culture seems to flourish, under the sway of an ornate but pragmatic Religion. The protagonist, mayor of a small town, houses multiple personalities, at least one of them warlike, and is unwillingly aroused when off-planet marauders threaten murder. Unusually for a form not usually notable for Conceptual Breakthroughs, The Warrior Within compactly unfolds an argued course towards its revelations. [JC]

Angus McIntyre

born London




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