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Working name of Irish author Charlotte Elizabeth McManus (circa 1853-1944), an historian and nationalist whose learning and convictions were normally expressed through the historical romance. In her one sf novel, The Professor in Erin (publication date unknown Sinn Féin; 1918), a German professor exploring Irish ruins knocks his head and finds himself in an Alternate World, where an Irish Utopia has flourished, the Jonbar Point being Ireland's victory at the Battle of Kinsale (1601). The culture is Celtic, with mediaeval social institutions comfortably co-existing with high Technology. Some of the stories assembled in Within the Four Seas of Fola (coll 1922) are fantasy. [JE/JC]

Charlotte Elizabeth McManus

born County Mayo, Ireland: circa 1853

died Kiltimagh, County Mayo, Ireland: 5 October 1944



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