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(1954-    ) US Game designer, inducted into the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame in 1999. Meier's first game was Spitfire Ace (1982 MicroProse, Atari8; 1984 C64, PCBoot), the first of a long line of combat flight simulators which he designed for MicroProse. By the late 1980s, however, Meier had become interested in other forms of Videogame. This change in focus led to the creation of both Pirates! (1987 MicroProse, Amstrad, AppleII, C64, PCBoot; 1988 Mac; 1989 AtariST; 1990 Amiga; 1991 NES; 1993 rev vt Pirates! Gold DOS, MegaDrive; 1994 CD32, Mac, Win) – an innovative fusion of strategic planning and Computer Role Playing Game based on the career of a pirate in the Spanish Main – and Railroad Tycoon (1990 MicroProse, DOS; 1991 Amiga, AtariST), a well regarded railroad management simulation influenced by the UK created Board Game 1829 (South) (1974 Hartland Trefoil) designed by Francis Tresham. Meier's next game was Civilization (1991) (see 4X Games), a remarkable work which, together with Master of Orion (1993), came to define the 4X Game form, and whose various sequels and spinoffs have largely dominated his subsequent career. To some extent, Meier has now become a brand; many games which include his name in the title are not primarily designed by him. Regardless, he has had more influence on the evolution of 4X Games than any other designer, and (with Brian Reynolds) is responsible for what is arguably one of the most impressive sf Videogames yet made, Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri (1999). [NT]

Sidney K Meier

born 24 February 1954



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