Mighels, Philip Verrill

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(1869-1911) US author, married to Ella Sterling Mighels, who began to publish work of some genre interest with "The Polar Magnet" for Black Cat in 1896. In his sf novel, The Crystal Sphere: A Story of Adventure (1901; vt The King of the Missing Links 1904; cut, with several chapters excised, under original title 1906), a young man's Balloon is driven by vast winds to an undiscovered Island in the Pacific, in which Lost World he discovers two warring tribes of weapon-bearing ape-like "Missing Links" (see Apes as Human; Evolution), with some power of speech. Becoming king of the lighter-skinned tribe (see Race in SF), he releases a white woman gravely imperilled by the darker-skinned society, and escapes with her. [JC]

Philip Verrill Mighels

born Carson City, Nevada: 19 April 1869

died 12 October 1911



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