Mills, Dorothy

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(1889-1959) UK author of several travel books which record her adventurous life in Africa and South America, and of three books of sf interest: The Arms of the Sun (1924), a Lost World tale set in Africa, where a white woman (as was still usual in this category of fiction as late as 1924) is shown being worshipped by Blacks; The Dark Gods (1925), also set in an indefinably mysterious Africa; and Phoenix (1926), in which a foreigner (a Lebanese Mad Scientist who cannot control his sexual urges) subjects an elderly woman to his Invention, a Rejuvenation treatment which makes her young and unacceptably attractive to the doctor (see Race in SF). Tragedy ensues. [JC]

Lady Dorothy Rachel Melissa Mills

born London: 11 March 1889

died Brighton, Sussex: 4 December 1959



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