Miln, Louise Jordan

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(1864-1933) UK author about whose identity there has been some confusion. Her surname has been spelled "Milne"; the British Library lists at least one of her books as by James Miln of Toronto; "Louise Jordan Miln" has been identified as a pseudonym of the British actor George Crichton Miln (1851-?   ), who was her husband. The truth is probably that she wrote the books signed with her name, and that she was otherwise known as Mrs George Crichton Miln. She is the author of several romances about the Far East, and of The Green Goddess: Based on the Play, "The Green Goddess," by William Archer (1922), a relatively early Tie, and moderately faithful to the play by William Archer, a Lost Race melodrama set in a Shangri-La-like enclave in South America, where Immortality and Sex seem to be on offer. [JC]

Louise Jordan Miln

born 5 March 1864

died 22 September 1933



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