Mitchell, Adrian

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(1932-2008) UK author, perhaps best known for his poetry; many of the children's poems assembled in Nothingmas Day (coll 1984 chap) with John Lawrence (1933-    ) are Fantasy. His second novel, The Bodyguard (1970), is the deathbed narrative of a representative figure of a Near Future UK, a paramilitary bodyguard whose reminiscences of his various jobs defending the totalitarian state that the UK has become by the 1980s provide a Dystopian portrait of the Europe to come. [JC]

see also: Politics.

Adrian Mitchell

born London: 24 October 1932

died London: 20 December 2008


  • The Bodyguard (London: Jonathan Cape, 1970) [hb/Ken Sprague]
  • Nothingmas Day (London: Allison and Busby, 1984) with John Lawrence [poetry: coll: chap: illus/hb/John Lawrence]


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