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(1922-1993) Canadian-born UK author who wrote at least 290 novels in several genres under at least forty-five pseudonyms, including the Hank Janson House Name (though no Janson sf titles) and Richard Allen, a personal pseudonym for the non-sf Skin books. In the 1960s he wrote the first chapter of a novel which, when taken over by Michael Moorcock according to a practice very common in UK pulp publishing, became Somewhere in the Night (1966) as by Moorcock alone. Moffatt's sf novels under his own name – others may exist – are The Sleeping Bomb (1970; vt The Cambri Plot 1973), which was the first volume in an otherwise non-sf series starring Silas Manners, and a Tie, Queen Kong (1977), which spoofs King Kong from a Feminist point of view. [JC]

James Moffatt

born Canada: 27 January 1922

died Cheltenham, Gloucestershire: 8 November 1993


  • The Sleeping Bomb (London: New English Library, 1970) [Silas Manners: pb/]
    • The Cambri Plot (New York: Belmont Tower, 1973) [vt of the above: Silas Manners: pb/]
  • Queen Kong (London: Everest Books, 1977) [tie to the film: pb/]


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