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(1949-    ) US editor author of the Cyborg Commando sequence comprising Planet in Peril (1987), Chase into Space (1988) and The Ultimate Prize (1988), all with Pamela O'Neill. Based on an outline by Gary Gygax (see also Games and Sports), the stories are adventurous and noisy, featuring Military SF-style exploits of a team of commandos, each of whom being a human brain implanted into a weaponized Android body. He served as editor of The Dragon, TSR's gaming magazine (from December 1982 to May 1995 with some gaps), which led to his becoming editor of Amazing Stories from 1991 to 2000. During this period he published two anthologies, Amazing Stories: The Anthology (anth 1995) and More Amazing Stories (anth 1998), the latter containing previously unpublished stories left over after one of that journal's periodic demises. [JC]

Kim Rudolph Mohan

born Chicago, Illinois: 4 May 1949




Cyborg Commando

works as editor


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