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Pseudonym of the US author, whose actual name is reportedly Howard Thornton (?   -    ), of Oedipus in Disneyland: Queen Victoria's Reincarnation as Superman (1972), an exceedingly exorbitant spoof (see Absurdist SF) featuring Parodic takes on Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland books, which are presumed to be in fact authored by Queen Victoria, and others. The main protagonist is Clark Kent (see Superman), who appears in costume, at points, seemingly, though he may be Victoria in drag. The whole is framed as a Near Future Chinese conspiracy, dated just after the expulsion of US troops from Vietnam, to continue the perversion of America. The tale, in its cod historical jostling of genres and reality registers, can be understood as a precursor of Steampunk. Thornton has also written under the name David Rosenbaum. [JC]

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