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Pseudonym of USSR-born publisher, philosopher, historian and author Igor Markovich Efimov (1937-2020), an American citizen from 1978, which he used for some of his varied works, including the sf novel Arkhivy Strashnogo suda (1982; trans Robert Bowie as The Judgment Day Archives 1988), a Near Future tale involving Technothriller riffs and some mysticism. The female Scientist protagonist is forced by the KGB to work for the Enterprise, a secretive corporation which sells the opportunity to be resurrected (perhaps via Clone technology, from a frozen blood sample) on Judgement Day at the End of Time. There is some Satire on capitalism and Religion, edging into Absurdist SF.

The author was a founder of Hermitage Publishers in Ann Arbor, Michigan, through which he published the Russian version of the above novel. [JC]

Igor Markovich Efimov

born Moscow: 8 August 1937

died Pennsylvania: 12 August 2020

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