Moulton, Deborah

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(1952-    ) US author of two Young Adult novels of sf interest. The First Battle of Morn (1988) is set on another planet, where the young human protagonists encounter Aliens and winged horses. Children of Time (1989) is set in a perhaps distant, Computer-run Near Future, where two Polders [see The Encyclopedia of Fantasy under links below] are described: in one, the young protagonist is being trained to take the reins of power after the Holocaust has created a Ruined Earth; in the other, an Underground shelter, his lost father hope to survive the horrors, along with the Mutants who also live there. As an omnium gatherum of tropes and outcomes, the tale is promising; but founders through excess. [JC]

Deborah Stoddard Moulton

born Glen Cove, New York: 30 April 1952




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