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(1889-1937) US lawyer and author whose interesting though somewhat overblown Satire, Red Snow (1930), tells of a snowlike precipitation, a Disaster which causes worldwide sterility in 1935, and of the subsequent social breakdown. The tale itself comprises an almost telegraphic Future History told through the experiences of one individual who survives everyone else on the planet. Finally, this Last Man alive seems to be rescued by what may be an enigmatic Alien but – as the vessel from the heavens is drawn by horses – is more likely to be Helios. This fantasy-like ending is almost certainly delusional; and the last man dies. [JC/PN]

Frank Wright Moxley

born New York: 8 December 1889

died 1937


  • Red Snow (New York: Simon and Schuster, 1930) [in the Inner Sanctum Novels series: hardback issues of this title are publisher rebinds: pb/]


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