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(1840-1904) US minister and author who published some religious nonfiction as by William H H Murray. His Mamelons series beginning with The Doom of Mamelons: A Legend of the Saguenay (1888) describes the history and fate of an American tribe which turns out not to be of "Indian" stock, but comprises the Lost Race remnants of the ancient Basque civilization that had previously populated Atlantic. They live Underground in a great cave, where they are defended by dead ancestor warriors, reanimated for this purpose. The marriage between the Basque princess, last of her line, and the white trapper John Norton, who appears in some of Murray's nonfantastic tales, is consummated in order to purify her race after its long record of miscegenation; but she soon dies. In Ungava: A Companion Idyl of Mamelons (1889 chap) the reanimated army engages in further battles. Both titles were assembled as Mamelons and Ungava: A Legend of the Saguenay (omni 1890). Murray's style throughout is oracular. [JC]

William Henry Harrison Murray

born Guilford, Connecticut: 26 April 1840

died Guilford, Connecticut: 3 March 1904





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