Myerson, Julie

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(1960-    ) UK journalist and author whose earlier novels edged at points towards a supernatural ambience, though they remained essentially within the envelope of the mundane; however, hints of message-bearing intrusions from beyond figure conspicuously in The Stopped Heart (2016). Of sf interest is Then (2011), set in a devastated Near Future London, frozen (a likely outcome of Climate Change in the UK), partially abandoned; wandering through this landscape, the protagonist recounts her own story, recuperating flashes of horror (see Horror in SF) as her Amnesia lifts jaggedly. The absence of context thus generated makes it possible to think of Myerson as a Mainstream Writer of SF. [JC]

Julie Susan Myerson

born Nottingham, Nottinghamshire: 2 June 1960



  • Then (London: Jonathan Cape, 2011) [hb/Suzanne Dean]
  • The Stopped Heart (London: Jonathan Cape, 2016) [hb/]


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