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Joint pseudonym of UK scriptwriters and authors Rob Grant (see his entry for solo works) and Doug Naylor (see his entry for solo title), who worked for three years as head writers for Spitting Image (1984-1996), a satirical television series using a combination of puppets and live action, and who wrote the Red Dwarf (1988-current) television series, which weds black humour and Space Opera. Some of the latter scripts have been published as Primordial Soup: Red Dwarf Scripts (coll 1993) and Son of Soup: A Second Serving of the Least Worst Scripts (coll 1996), the latter as by Grant and Naylor. As Naylor they have published two novelizations: Red Dwarf: Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers (1989) and Better than Life (1990), both assembled, with additional material, as Red Dwarf Omnibus (omni 1992). Backwards (1996) was published as by Rob Grant alone. [JC]

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Rob Grant

born Salford, Lancashire


Douglas R Naylor

born Ashton Under Lyne, Lancashire: 31 December 1955




Red Dwarf


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