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UK low-paying Amateur Magazine published by Weller Publications, Orpington, Kent and edited by George P Townsend, ostensibly as a fantasy and more experimental companion to Dream Magazine. It saw five, octavo-size issues between June 1987 and Summer 1988. The magazine ran a sizable quota of science fiction amongst its more overt fantasy and occasional light-hearted vignettes. "Blind is the Hand That Fears No Life" (June 1987) by Michael Cobley is a poignant tale of an encounter between an artist and an alien in the far future. "Take Two" (September 1987) by I G Whates is a shallow Phildickian story of a human's brief realization that the world may be full of Androids. As the magazine developed, so stories became more experimental and challenging, particularly the work of Bruce Baker, who explored various devious ways of telling relatively straightforward narratives – as in "Devil Dark, Earth Fire" an experimental Time-Travel tale. The sf is amongst the better content as the fantasy and supernatural stories are derivative. Although the contents of a sixth issue was announced, New Moon Quarterly was merged with Dream Magazine which in turn later transformed into New Moon and later still Full Moon SF. [MA]


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