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(1898-1983) UK author, perhaps best known for a series of nonfiction books about gardens and gardening. Of his fifty or so books, one of the most interesting is the ghostwritten autobiography – Melodies and Memories (1925) – of the most famous prima donna of the day, Nellie Melba, whom he had accompanied on tour for several years. He is of direct sf interest for a Near Future Dystopian "When the Crash Comes: A Play in Three Acts and a Prologue" (in Failures: Three Plays, coll 1933), in which there has been a Communist takeover of Britain. He also wrote some Fantasy for children, including the Magic Wood sequence beginning with the witty classic The Tree That Sat Down (1945). [JC/PN]

John Beverley Nichols

born Bristol, England: 9 September 1898

died Kingston, Surrey: 15 September 1983



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