Niemann, August

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(1839-1919) German editor and author, usually on military matters, whose Future War novel, Der Weltkrieg – Deutsche Träume (1904; trans J H Freese as The Coming Conquest of England 1904), does not anticipate World War One very precisely, though the Near Future conflict envisioned is world-wide, with Britain losing in India and at home against an alliance that groups France, Germany and Russia into an irresistible force. Aetherio, eine Planetenfahrt ["Aetherio: A Trip to the Planets"] (1909) is a Fantastic Voyage tale whose protagonists travel not only to Mars, Venus and the Moon, but also into the Hollow Earth. [JC]

Wilhelm Otto August Niemann

born Hannover, Germany: 27 June 1839

died Dresden, Germany: 17 September 1919



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