Novae Terrae

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UK Fanzine initially edited by Maurice K Hanson (see below for later changes). 33 issues, March 1936 to January 1939.

Novae Terrae was the earliest true fanzine in the UK. Maurice K Hanson first edited it for the Nuneaton chapter of the Science Fiction League, and then, from #10 (February 1937), for the pre-World War Two Science Fiction Association, the UK's first national sf organization. Novae Terrae was given over primarily to discussion of sf and Fandom, the only fiction it carried being either Parodies or based on fan doings. In September 1937 Hanson moved to London, and from issue #17 (October 1937) John Carnell and Hanson's flatmate Arthur C Clarke were listed as assistant editors. Hanson's other flatmate, William F Temple, replaced Carnell with #25 (August 1938), but after #29 (January 1939) Hanson handed Novae Terrae to Carnell, who issued a further four issues – numbered 1 to 4 – under the anglicized title New Worlds, which had always appeared on the title page alongside the Latin version. The title was revived after World War Two by Carnell as a professional SF Magazine publishing fiction, New Worlds. [RH/DRL]


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