Oram, Neil

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(1938-    ) UK author whose involvement in sf was restricted to the three volumes of his The Warp sequence of metaphysical adventures – The Storm's Howling through Tiflis (1980), Lemmings on the Edge (1981) and The Balustrade Paradox (1982) – which novelize his 22-hour, ten-play cycle, The Warp, performed in London in 1979, directed by Ken Campbell (1941-2008). The sequence, after the manner of the Illuminatus! books by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson, features world conspiracies, ley energies, Reincarnated searchers for the key to unlock occult mysteries, and so forth. [JC]

Neil Oram

born Torquay, Devon: 2 January 1938




The Warp


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