Osbourne, Lloyd

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(1868-1947) US author, step-son of Robert Louis Stevenson, with whom he collaborated on three novels including the popular nonfantastic black comedy The Wrong Box (1889) and The Ebb-Tide: A Trio & Quartette (November 1893-February 1894 To-Day; 1894), primarily by his father-in-law [whom see for details]. Some of the tales assembled in The Queen Versus Billy and Other Stories (coll 1900) and Wild Justice (coll 1906; vt Wild Justice: Short Stories of the South Seas 1921) are of mild sf interest. In his novel, The Adventurer (1907), explorers after pre-Columbian treasure convey themselves across South American plains in an aluminium land ship powered by sails (see Transportation); the Lost World they eventually discover is deserted. [JC]

Samuel Lloyd Osbourne

born San Francisco, California: 7 April 1868

died Glendale, California: 22 May 1947



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