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Pseudonym of UK lay figure in the Congregationalist Church, poet, editor and author William Arthur Dunkerley (1852-1941); he was co-founder, with Robert Barr of The Idler. Many of his works – some of them now-unread fantasies – served to advance his religious convictions. Two novels are of sf interest: A Princess of Vascovy: Her Trials and Troubles: Her Adventures and Misadventures: And Where They Brought Her (1899), a Lost Race tale climaxing in the discovery of a secret location occupied by Incans; and The Man Who Would Save the World (1927), a Near Future tale in which a devout Christian inspires the world's states to disarm, an event followed by an era of universal brotherly love. [JC]

William Arthur Dunkerley

born Manchester, England: 12 November 1852

died Worthing, Sussex: 23 January 1941

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