Pallen, Condé B

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(1858-1929) US author and editor; in the latter capacity he was one of the editors, with C G Herbermann and others, of The Catholic Encyclopedia (1907-1918 15vols). Crucible Island: A Romance, an Adventure and an Experiment (1919), a Dystopia, describes the disillusioning experiences of a young radical who is transported to the Island of Schlectland, where socialism has been allowed to run rampant for two decades, and who comes to his senses while falling in love with the daughter of a longtime resident. They escape to America. En passant, points are scored against Feminism and the Irish. Ghost House (1928) exploits the Invention of a device which reads details of a murder from the walls. [JC]

Condé Benoist Pallen

born St Louis, Missouri: 5 December 1858

died St Louis, Missouri: 26 May 1929



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