Palmer, Thomas

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(1955-    ) US author whose first novel, The Transfer (1983), verges on the Technothriller, and whose second, Dream Science (1990), made some stir for its quiet (but ultimately ruthless) intelligence. The protagonist of the book is one of those capable of perceiving lines running across the physical environment that, when passed over, take one into what seem to be Parallel Worlds, but may in fact be aspects of one world seen at different points on a single cosmological spiral. These worlds, or spindled world, unfortunately, offer no solace to the protagonist, and even his eventual return to what he thinks of as prime reality is constrained by a dread sense that there is no true centre to life; that we do not comprehend the Alternate Cosmos we inhabit as strangers; that we may simply be passing through, greyly. [JC]

Thomas Coryell Palmer

born White Plains, New York: 24 March 1955




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