Parnov, Eremei

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(1935-2009) Russian scientist and author, almost all of whose sf of interest was published in collaboration with Mikhail Emtsev (whom see for details). After the partnership broke up in 1970, Parnov published some further work, like Prosnis' V Famaguste ["Wake up in Famagusta"] (1985), which mixes Eastern mysticism and Alien encounters in a formula adventure plot. Some superficial sf criticism appears in Fantastika V Vek NTR ["SF in the Age of Scientific Revolution"] (1974) and Zerkalo Uranii ["The Mirror of Urania"] (1982). [VG]

see also: Hive Minds.

Eremei Iudovich Parnov

born Kharkov, USSR: 20 October 1935

died Moscow: 18 March 2009



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