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(1897-1989) Australian author, long resident in the UK, whose dated but competent Children's SF novels include Kidnappers of Space (1953; vt Space Captives of the Golden Men 1953), a modestly told Space Opera; Adam Troy, Astroman (1954), whose hero protagonist, on assignment to colonize Mars, leaves Earth, which is about to be devastated by an asteroid, but returns to deal with the Monsters released from Underground by the great Disaster; Lost on Venus: The Thrilling Story of Two Boys Who Land on the Planet and Explore a Fantastic World (1954; vt Flight to the Misty Planet 1954), Send for Johnny Danger (1956), featuring hostile Robots in space; The Venus Project (1963), about an expedition to Venus mounted from the Australian outback; Ajax and the Haunted Mountain (1963), a volume in the Ajax series, other titles lacking fantastic content; Tiger in the Dark (1964), about the discovery of a marsupial tiger in modern Australia; and Farm Beneath the Sea (1969), set along the Great Barrier Reef Under the Sea. Her writing is alert, uncondescending, sensitive to animal life and information-full. [JC]

Mary Osborne Elwyn Patchett

born Sydney, New South Wales: 2 December 1897

died Reading, Berkshire: 1989



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