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(1931-    ) US author who began publishing sf with "Answer 'Affirmative' or 'Negative'" for Analog in April 1972, but who became much better known in the 1980s for her detective novels, of which she has written at least twenty; one of them, Liars and Tyrants and People who Turn Blue (1980), depends for its plot upon a psychic character. Earlier Paul wrote several sf novels – An Exercise for Madmen (1978), Pillars of Salt (1979), Bibblings (1979) and Under the Canopy (1980) – which feature women protagonists, through whom an unprogrammatic Feminism is pursued as they find themselves coping with sf-adventure situations, though in An Exercise for Madmen Dystopian arguments underpin the action. Pillars of Salt, for instance, is a Time-Travel tale which confronts its twenty-first-century protagonist with the challenge of becoming Queen Elizabeth I of England. A later novel, The Three-Minute Universe (1988), is a Star Trek tie (see Star Trek).

Paul should not be confused with the Barbara Paul, pseudonym of Barbara Kathleen Ovstedal (1925-    ), who wrote The Curse of Halewood (1976; vt Devil's Fire, Love's Revenge 1976). [JC]

Barbara Jeanne Paul

born Maysville, Kentucky: 5 June 1931




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