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(1953-    ) US author who began publishing work of genre interest with "Oh, Miranda!" with George Zebrowski, for F&SF in September 1991. His first novel, Flying to Valhalla (1993), describes the first successful attempt at interstellar flight, accomplished through the Invention of an Antimatter drive. His second, The Killing Star (1995) with George Zebrowski, is a Hard SF tale that begins in what seems to be a successful Near Future for Homo sapiens, with the solar system properly under human control; but Alien missiles at almost the speed of light (see Weapons) from interstellar space destroy virtually all human life, leaving a Last Man (and woman) who had been surveying the Titanic, but who are soon caught and imprisoned in a Zoo inside a great alien Spaceship. Other Disasters and retaliations ricochet through human space, until very little remains of human or alien life. As there are signs of remnant life in interstellar space, a sequel may have been planned. Dust (1998), set again in the Near Future, describes the Ecological Disaster made inevitable by the sudden destruction of all insect life on Earth.

Pellegrino's nonfiction has been dominated by a series of "untold story" reconstructions, including The Last Train from Hiroshima: The Survivors Look Back (2010), which has aroused controversy about the reliability of his sources. [JC]

Charles R A Pellegrino

born New York: 5 May 1953




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