Perfect Woman, The

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Film (1949). Two Cities/Eagle-Lion. Directed by Bernard Knowles. Written by George Black, Knowles, based on the play The Perfect Woman (produced 1948; 1950) by Wallace Geoffrey and Basil Mitchell. Cast includes Pamela Devis, Irene Handl, Stanley Holloway, Miles Malleson, Nigel Patrick, Patricia Roc and Constance Smith. 89 minutes. Black and white.

An inventor creates a Robot in the image of his niece and hires a young man to take it out on a date as a final test of its believability. But the real girl takes the robot's place during testing, and a conventional but well played farce follows, notable for its underwear fetishism and a sauciness quite close to the rim of what the period regarded as decent. The ending is mildly apocalyptic when the malfunctioning robot marches stiff-legged, spouting sparks and smoke, through a crowded hotel before exploding. [JB/PN]

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