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Very popular series of Planetary Romance/Science Fantasy tales by Anne McCaffrey (whom see for fuller discussion). The initial Pern stories are the Hugo-winning "Weyr Search" (October 1967 Analog) and the Nebula-winning "Dragonrider" (December 1967-January 1968 Analog), assembled as Dragonflight (fixup 1968). McCaffrey's dragons, though intelligent and having potent Psi Powers (in particular Telepathy and Teleportation), are not Supernatural Creatures but have been Genetically Engineered by the human colonists of planet Pern from this world's small "fire lizards", as described in the early prequel Dragonsdawn (1988). The series – including various Young Adult spinoffs, less tough-minded than the opening volumes – continued into the twenty-first century, with Anne McCaffrey's son Todd McCaffrey joining her as collaborator on novels from Dragon's Kin (2003) until her death; he also wrote the solo Pern novel Dragonsblood (2005). A relevant "nonfiction" reference work, written with Jody Lynn Nye, is The Dragonlover's Guide to Pern (1989; exp 1997). Jody Lynn Nye has also written two Pern Gamebooks. [DRL]

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