Pertwee, Roland

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(1885-1963) UK actor, playwright, painter and author, related to many Pertwees, including his son Jon Pertwee (1919-1996), an early Doctor Who (see Doctor Who). His MW.XX.3. (1929; vt Hell's Loose 1929; vt The Million Pound Cypher 1930) is an early example of the tale of technological Paranoia. A dead scientist is discovered along with the eponymous formula for a cheap fuel which will if released supplant petroleum. The UK Government allows limited use of the fuel, but only until a working-class strike fomented by communists is defeated; thereafter the petroleum corporations are allowed to re-establish their dominance. [JC]

Roland Pertwee

born Brighton, East Sussex: 17 May 1885

died London: 26 April 1963



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