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Pseudonym of US author Frederick Spencer Oliver (1866-1899), whose Zailm Numinos sequence – comprising A Dweller on Two Planets; Or, the Dividing of the Way (completed 1886; 1905) and An Earth Dweller's Return (1940) – braces its underlying Occultism [see The Encyclopedia of Fantasy under links below] with some sf elements: the revelation of Atlantis Underground; and the perspective-changing reincarnations of the Atlantean protagonist here and on Venus who, en passant, predicts that the twentieth century will see new miracles of Technology. The first book was allegedly dictated psychically to Oliver by the spirit of Phylos, beginning in 1883 when he was only 17. [JC]

Frederick Spencer Oliver

born Washington, D C: 28 May 1866

died Santa Barbara, California: 15 November 1899



Zailm Numinos


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