Pidgin, Charles Felton

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(1844-1923) US statistician and author of an early Alternate History novel, The Climax: Or, What Might Have Been: A Romance of the Great Republic (1902), the Jonbar Point of which being a different outcome to the fatal 1804 duel between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton. In this world, not having killed Hamilton, Burr conquers Mexico and Central America, becomes President of the United States in 1808, and soon oversees the construction of the Panama Canal in 1814, and the abolition of Slavery (see Race in SF). Britain is then defeated in a sea battle, and her Caribbean colonies are freed, becoming part of the African United States of America. Canada is subsequently annexed. Progress continues inexorably. [JC]

Charles Felton Pidgin

born Roxbury, Massachusetts: 11 November 1844

died Melrose, Massachusetts: 4 June 1923



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