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(?   -    ) US author whose first novel, Up Jumps the Devil (2012), is a supernatural fantasy whose Antihero protagonist, John Scratch, is in fact the Devil; he has come up to America to "improve" it. Of more direct sf interest is Poore's second novel, Reincarnation Blues (2017), in which fantasy, horror and sf jostle Equipoisally, with sf sequences in particular – some set on a Generation Starship – are sustained strongly (see also Fantastika). The protagonist, doomed to die thousands of times through his attempts to earn the love of the markedly judgmental Suzie (who is in effect or "actual" fact Death), is characterized in language strongly reminiscent of Kurt Vonnegut and Douglas Adams; the jokes, and the resignedly melancholic slapstick, are untiresome. [JC]

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