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(1828-1902) US physician and author, in whose sf series Romances of the Planets – comprising Romances of the Planets, No. 1: Journey to Mars: The Wonderful World; its Beauty and Splendor; its Mighty Races and Kingdoms; its Final Doom (1894) and Romances of the Planets, No. 2: Journey to Venus: The Primeval World, its Wonderful Creations and Gigantic Monsters (1895) – an American officer visits an advanced Mars, where he falls in love with a princess; and a primitive Venus, where he shoots, as E F Bleiler has noted, anything that moves. Apparently some giant "protohominids" (see Apes as Human) are spared for a time, though they are treated as pets; but eventually the sinking of their home islands in a tidal wave does for them. In the first volume, Pope describes his work as a Scientific Romance. Introducing a reprint edition of the first book, Sam Moskowitz noted some adumbrations of Edgar Rice Burroughs's Barsoom. [JC]

see also: History of SF.

Gustavus William Pope

born Oneida, New York: 3 December 1828

died Washington, District of Columbia: 21 July 1902



Romances of the Planets


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