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(1949-    ) US author who has published non-genre work as David Poyer, and sf variously as David C Poyer, D C Poyer and David Andreissen. The Shiloh Project (1981) is set in the Near Future of an Alternate History in which the South had won the Battle of Gettysburg 120 years before. Star Seed (1982) as David Andreissen places within a context of exceeding grimness – Aliens have irrevocably poisoned Earth in an attempt to Terraform it for their own needs – a tale of almost exuberant action: a surviving team from Under the Sea, composed of one human, one Mutant and one dolphin, subverts the eponymous starship in a successful revolt against the terraformers, then sets off to find another planet. In Poyer's third and most interesting novel, Stepfather Bank (1987), set in a Post-Holocaust world dominated by a paternalist bank, a rogue poet hornswoggles and destabilizes the entire AI-controlled system, which has in fact been working as a Secret Master to preserve humanity as well as to control it. [JC]

David Charles Poyer

born DuBois, Pennsylvania: 26 November 1949


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