Quest for Love

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Film (1971). Peter Rogers Productions. Directed by Ralph Thomas. Written by Terence Feely, based on "Random Quest" (in Consider Her Ways and Others, coll 1961) by John Wyndham. Cast includes Tom Bell, Joan Collins, Denholm Elliott and Laurence Naismith. 91 minutes. Colour.

Romance about a physicist (Bell) accidentally transferred to a Parallel World, where he falls in love with the wife (Collins) of his alter ego, a playwright and cad, whose place he has taken. She dies. On being sucked back to our own world, he desperately quests for her counterpart, hoping to save her and have a second chance at love. He does. Good performances, so-so as sf, with the differences of the new world (Kennedy not assassinated, etc.) established only perfunctorily. Wyndham's original story is one of his weakest. [PN]


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