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(1896-1962) US playwright, poet and author who began publishing in very early adulthood, her first story of genre interest seeming to be "An Italian Night" for the US Pearson's Magazine in January 1924; most of her work was fantasy or horror. Of sf interest is Strange Awakening (1938), a Planetary Romance whose protagonist, transferred to Venus through the Psi Powers of the Great Mind who rules the planet. She falls in love with a rebel prince, who comes into possession of ancient Weapons (see Time Abyss), and conquers Venus for her sake. The Patchwork Quilt sequence – comprising "Blue and Silver Brocade" (October 1939 Unknown), "Transparent Stuff" (June 1940 Unknown) and "A Year from Tonight" (January 1945 Fantastic Adventures) – features a quilt which conveys those who sleep under it via Timeslip to various epochs, the destination being determined in each case by the part of the quilt the sleeper has touched. The series, whose potential seems obvious, may have suffered from Unknown's 1943 demise. [JC]

Dorothy Gertrude Quick Mayer

born Brooklyn, New York: 1 September 1896

died East Hampton, New York: 15 March 1962



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