Ramsey, Milton Worth

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(1848-1906) US author who – although he self-published his sf novels – was of some interest. In Six Thousand Years Hence (1891) a visiting planet drags the protagonist's City into space, where he and his colleagues embark upon a Fantastic Voyage to several other civilizations, including a complex advanced culture within the Sun, and return millennia hence to a tamed high-tech Earth. After tiring of this intense civilization, the protagonist escapes to a Lost World within a polar volcano whose inhabitants are happy primitives; he dies there older than Methuselah. The Austral Globe (1892) features the contemporary adventures of explorers in an electric yacht, who discover a huge world south of the South Pole, the inhabitants of which they take in hand before returning to Minneapolis. Two Billions of Miles, or The Story of a Trip Through the Solar System (1900), like Six Thousand Miles Hence, is a Fantastic Voyage through the Solar System. Future Dark Ages: A Story of a Trip Through a Dark Continent (1900) gives a Dystopian view of Near Future America, either after anarchism or socialism has savaged the land. [JC]

Milton Worth Ramsey

born Franklin County, Alabama: 29 February 1848

died Minneapolis, Minnesota: 28 October 1906



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