Raspail, Jean

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(1925-2020) French author, much of whose nonfiction controversially treats the kind of issue explored in the inflammatory Le camp des saints (1973; trans Norman Shapiro as The Camp of the Saints 1975), set in a Near-Future world in the coils of Overpopulation. When the non-white Third World lays siege to Europe, which should have been armed against the onslaught, civilization (that is, white civilization) perishes. Of his many other novels, Sire ["Sire"] (1991) – in which the French monarchy is reestablished in 1999 – is typical. [JC]

Jean Raspail

born Chemillé-sur-Dême, Indre-et-Loire, France: 5 July 1925

died Paris: 14 June 2020



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