Repton, Humphry

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(1752-1818) UK landscape gardener, of great significance as theorist and practitioner, his successful gardens expressing an early Romantic sense of the picturesque, in contrast to the domineering formalism of earlier styles. He is of sf interest for one short story, "From a Private Mad-House" (in Variety: A Collection of Essays: Written in the Year 1787, anth 1788), which was republished as "Voyage to the Moon" (in Odd Whims; And Miscellanies, coll 1804 2vols), in which the Moon, as so often in example of Proto SF, serves to convey some exemplary lessons about Earth. [JC]

Humphry Repton

born Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk: 21 April 1752

died Aylsham, Norfolk: 24 March 1818



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