Rickett, Joseph Compton

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(1847-1919) UK industrialist, lay preacher, politician (Liberal MP from 1895 until his death, holding Cabinet office from 1916) and author, born Joseph Rickett, who also wrote as by Maurice Baxter; he was knighted in 1907 and changed his name to Compton-Rickett in 1908. His sf novel The Quickening of Caliban: A Modern Story of Evolution (1893) suggests that a Lost Race of Homo sapiens – more natural (i.e., perhaps, less evolved) than modern man (see Apes as Human; Evolution) – continues to exist in Africa. It turns out that the two branches are able to breed together, and do. [JC]

Sir Joseph Compton-Rickett

born London: 13 February 1847

died Bournemouth, Dorset: 30 July 1919



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